Coated Canvas Border Coach Rivets Snake Madison Shoulder Bag. Bohemians boho style in the beat and hippie movements of the ’50s and ’60s embraced a funky, idealistic wardrobe that included a random mix of colors, patterns, and fabrics that mirrored the artistic and literary trends of the time.

The term “bohemian” is still used today to describe the broad-minded, sometimes eclectic style of artists and writers, and the boho look is still going strong thanks to young Hollywood gals like Mary-Kate Olsen, who has a bank account worth millions but a wardrobe that looks like it could be found at a local thrift store. The former child actress has been credited with igniting the boho trend, and as a student at New York University, her style—which required a lot of work to look so effortless—was chronicled on a daily basis by paparazzi who snapped her every move.

Coated Canvas Coach Rivets, Madison Shoulder Bag, Tips for the Boho Girl

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Boho style should be easy. Don’t overthink your attempts at layering or the pairing of the prints you choose. Think of key adjectives like earthy, airy, relaxed, and natural when choosing your silhouettes, fabrics, and colors. With these words in mind you will instinctively stay away from artificial and unnatural elements that don’t function well in the boho look.

Also, no outfit is complete without the right accessories, and that’s especially true for any true Bohemian. A scarf can be worn loosely around the neck, tied as a belt, or wrapped around your tresses for an element of flair. Long necklaces can be triple-looped and worn as a bracelet, or double-looped and worn as a headpiece. Nothing’s off the table here!

But stick with natural materials like painted wood bracelets, delicate glass beads, oversized straw hats, and hand-embroidered purses. The fabrics you choose should also err on the natural side. Anything hand crocheted, woven, or made from materials like cotton and wool will generally be a good fit. Stay away from anything polyester.

Signature Madison  Bag, Brown, Handbag

Coach Signature
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Signature Madison Shoulder Bag 16, Brown, Handbag

Coach Signature
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Tips for the Boho Girl, Signature Leather Small Goods

The funky Boho’s look is heavy on layers of oversized cable-knit sweaters, floppy hats, street-sweeping skirts, and too-big-for-your-face sunglasses. And with the variety of patterns, materials, and accessories available in the Boho’s wardrobe, the style probably incorporates many items you already have in your closet, but which you may have never paired together. However, if a shopping trip is necessary, stick with thrift stores where the selection is already pretty eclectic and combines a variety of styles and eras.

If you’ve never dressed boho before, it may take some getting used to. At first you may feel disheveled, a bit like an old frumpy lady, or stuck in some Woodstock time warp. To combat that distress, try incorporating a single boho piece into your wardrobe at a time—a crochet cardigan here, a floppy hat there. Body Type Alert: Loose-fitting fabrics make boho style a harmonious fit on all body types. However, petite gals should stick to boho-inspired dresses and skirts that stop at least above the knee because a petite frame can drown in the combination of long hemlines and loose, airy fabric.

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If you want to show off your legs, try dark leggings (faux or real leather for extra points) and then pair with looser top layers. If it’s cold enough, try a thick knit scarf and long, open-arm cape.

Tips for the Surfer Girl

Surfer style is anything but expensive. Surfers are known for spending their days on the sand, not in the boardroom. Their wardrobes are limited and lovingly worn to death (the more faded and fraying the better). So don’t bother with designer reproductions of surfer wear. Shop for true pieces at your local thrift shop, seaside garage sales, and little surf boutique shacks (yes, those little stores on the side of the road that rent boards). You should also take another look at the everyday items in your closet. Using pieces you already own is the easiest way to create your own surfer look on the cheap. Jeans can be cut and then washed and dried to create your own frayed, laid-back shorts (just don’t cut them too short because you only get one chance).

And a sheer, oversized cover-up can be belted to create a flattering waistline, and worn over a onepiece for off-the-beach-appropriate wear. If you have the crafty gene you can sew your own beads onto your cover-up or add thin strips of metallic ribbon on the bottom hemline to add sparkle in the sun—both additions are much cheaper options than buying an already embellished style. With the right outfit, all that’s needed is a great pair of shades and some flipflops (and maybe even a cute pedicure in a light neutral sand color) to complete the surfer look

Body Type Alert: If you are lucky enough to take your surfer style to the water, don’t fret over getting into a swimsuit. Designers are creating styles that fit and flatter any body type. Patterns, prints, and horizontal stripes can create curves. Wider straps can help support a fuller bust. And gals with wide hips can choose a style with detailing at the waist or the top of the suit to bring the eye up. Resort-worthy tunics work for just about any body type, but if you want to create more shape, belt at the waist with thin rope, a ribbon, or knit fabric remnants

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