Chunks of meat, fish, or fowl in a mild jelly or delicate sauce are what you’ll find in these 48 x 85g Whiskas Junior Pouches. The high-quality ingredients in the wet food give young kitties all the nutrients they need to grow and develop normally. Including necessary calcium in their balanced recipes, Whiskas Junior Pouches 48 x 85g can aid in healthy bone formation. Zinc and vitamin E, which are known to strengthen the immune system, are also included to the diet.

Whiskas Junior Pouches. The high-quality ingredients in the wet food

These meals also provide your young cat with taurine, an amino acid that is vital for supporting its vision. You can find these flavor varieties in the Meat Selection in Gravy: Dozens of 85g Chicken a dozen 85-gram Beef Dozens of 85g lamb twelve 85-gram poultry The following flavor options are included in the Poultry Selection in Jelly: a dozen 85-gram Chicken a dozen 85-gram Do not touch twelve 85-gram poultry a dozen 85-gram Turkey Among the many flavours offered by Fish Selection in Jelly are: a dozen 85-gram Salmon a dozen 85-gram Tuna a dozen 85-gram Fish species whitefish a dozen 85-gram Cod The following flavor types are included in the Mixed Selection in Jelly: a dozen 85-gram Salmon a dozen 85-gram Tuna a dozen 85-gram Beef Dozens of 85g

Chicken Whiskas Pouches for Juniors Quick look at 48 x 85g: Specialty wet food for cats between the ages of two and twelve months Contains all necessary nutrients Painstakingly crafted recipes: using premium ingredients Tender: meat, fish, or fowl bits in a jelly or gravy that is very delicate. Helps the body’s immune system when combined with vitamin E and zinc. An adequate supply of calcium is necessary for strong bones. Contains taurine, an amino acid vital to good eyesight Pieces that are small and easy for kittens to grasp and gnaw

Whiskas Junior Pouches 48

Whiskas are 1+ Mega Pouch Set This 96 × 85 g bag includes adult cats’ delectable full wet food. The delicate steaming process helps retain the whole spectrum of nutrients included in the ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. The meal is made tempting by combining tender bits of meat, fish, or fowl with a silky sauce or rich jelly. It helps the body’s immune system work better because it’s fortified with vitamin C. For cats with a penchant for gourmet treats, we offer mixed packs with a variety of flavors.

The following flavor variants are included in the Meat Feasts in Gravy: twenty-four grams each Two hundred and forty-five grams of chicken Meat, 24 x 85g Fourteen pieces of 85g lamb The following flavor variants are included in the Poultry Feasts in Jelly: twenty-four grams each Chicken twenty-four grams each Fresh Turkey 24 x 85g Do not touch twenty-four grams each Chicken & Duck Whiskas +1 Pouch Quick overview of the 96 x 85g Mega Pack: Delightful adult cat full wet food Whiskas recipes in jelly or gravy provide an exciting flavor experience, together with an enticing aroma. The Immune System and Vitamin C Incorporating zinc into your routine can do wonders for your skin and coat.

One of the most important amino acids for cats, taurine helps keep their eyes healthy. With each flavor: mixed-packs guarantee diversity Elevated protein: with the purpose of preserving muscular mass Portion control made easy: each pouch has an amount of food suitable for a certain species, so there’s no need to hoard extras. Ingredients hand-picked for those with a gourmet palate Steam-cooked foods retain more nutrients because of the mild cooking process. Perfection: in convenient portioned pouches to preserve flavor and freshness Eco-friendly: an increasing trend is the use of 85% renewable energy in production.

Whiskas 1+ Pouches Mega Pack 96

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