Exercises for side bending problems, lower back pain. Lie on your left with your head resting on your left arm, if that’s comfortable. Hips and knees should be bent at 90 degrees, and your right arm should be draped over your head so your right hand is cupping the left side of your head. Exhale and raise your right foot, rolling the right thigh inward while also hiking the right hip up to the right armpit. Side Bending flexion problem. Reduce back pain problem.

The right thigh should remain in contact with the left thigh.

Bending problems with corrected sitting

Feel your right waist muscles lifting that foot and hiking that hip. Be sure your foot hasn’t been drawn back to your rear end and that the right knee is remaining at a 90-degree bend and resting on the left knee.

Now bring your right armpit and rib cage down to your right hip using the waist muscles to pull it down to the hip. Support your head with the right hand to eliminate stress to your neck. Feel that strong contraction of your right waist muscles.

Inhale at the top, then exhale to slowly lower the right foot, right rib cage, and head (you may need to take few breaths while doing this). Visualize the right rib cage moving up toward your head, while the right hip moves down toward your feet. Feel the muscles of your right waist gently lengthening the whole time. Gradually you are relaxing those muscles as they lengthen.

If you feel at some point you’ve lost that sense of their lengthening, then contract them again until you feel them and then continue lowering both ends down simultaneously. Your goal will be to sense the gentle contraction of the right waist muscles as well as their lengthening all the way down until the right foot and right rib cage are back to a resting but lengthened position.

Your other goal is to make both come down at the same time and end with them in a slightly lengthened position relative to where they began.

If you feel neck strain, then you may not be supporting your head well enough with your hand. Be sure to do so to ensure your neck muscles are relaxed.

If you have hip pain, only raise the foot and hike the hip as high as possible without pain. You can always build from there.

If you can’t feel your waist muscles, place your fingers firmly on your waist to help you sense these muscles and connect them for your brain. lntimately, it’s not important to actually feel the muscles but instead to control them.

Side Bending Exercise to reduce back pain problem.

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